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The RAWEKS shoes are made from natural, mainly cotton fabrics. Shoes made from natural fabrics are light, sheer and hygienic. Such footwear adjust to the shape of a foot and allows it breathing.

RAWEKS shoes meet all the requirements of suitable footwear for children:

  • certyfikat zdrowa stopa
  • wide and high toe-box allows free movement and comfort of toes
  • the counter at the back part stiffen the heel
  • wide sole stabilizes the foot
  • light and soft fabrics provide free moves
  • buckle or Velcro fasteners allow better adjustment of the shoe to one’s foot
  • flat insole allows correct development of muscles and shaping the foot’s sole

Most of our models received the sign of “Zdrowa Stopa” /Healthy Foot/ awarded by Komisja Specjalistów ds. Obuwia Dziecięcego /Children Shoes Committee of Specialist/ at IPS Kraków. The “Zdrowa Stopa” sign distinguishes quality footwear - correctly manufactured as far as construction, technology, fabric and esthetical features are concern.